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Our Open MRI is revolutionary technology that offers a welcome level of space and comfort for some patients.

For some claustrophobic patients, or those of a larger build, being confined in an MRI scanner ‘tunnel’ can be an upsetting and deeply anxious time. That’s why we can offer something called an ‘Open’ MRI. As its name suggests you won’t be enclosed in a restrictive scanner; in fact you’ll have nothing over your head or around your body, allowing reassuring comfort and freedom. Of course, you’ll still benefit from the very best images of inside your body so that your consultant can identify and diagnose any potential issues.

Ask your physician for a referral to one of our state-of-the-art diagnostic centres to undergo an open MRI scan that will allow swift and accurate diagnosis of your condition.


We currently have four open MRI scanners at various centres around the country, one of which is the only open MRI scanner in central London. Our Harley Street Medical Centre has a Philips 1.0T Panorama, which gives the image equivalent to that of a conventional 1.5T cylindrical system.

Our open MRI scanners have also been updated with the most advanced imaging software to give our radiographers the most detailed images possible. The integrated coil system that each open MRI scanner uses also reduces the need for surface coils, which may be needed to scan certain areas of the body. Unlike a cylindrical MRI, this configuration makes it easier to scan extremities such as ankles, wrists, elbows and shoulders.

What our clients have to say…

"The service I received was more than exceptional. Being of larger frame, comments have been made in other places. Here I was treated with dignity at all times. Thank you "

"Thank you, I would very happily come to see you again "

"The whole process was very good, I even went to sleep during my scan "

"Thank you for your patience and kindness Wednesday afternoon when I had my MRI. It was much appreciated "