We understand how you feel and are here to help.

We know that having an MRI scan can be unnerving, especially if you find enclosed spaces frightening or uncomfortable. It may be that you’ve tried to having an MRI scan elsewhere or have even been putting it off.

Thousands of patients and referring doctors trust us to help patients who suffer from Claustrophobia. We are the leading provider of MRI scanning for Claustrophobic patients in the UK and our success rates speak for themselves; we succeed in completing scans of superior diagnostic quality in over 99% of cases where previous attempts have failed due to patient anxiety.

What is an ‘Open MRI’?

As its name suggests, an Open MRI scanner offers a completely different experience to traditional MRI scanners (where the patient is enclosed in a tunnel).

The special design of our Open MRI scanner means you won’t be enclosed in a restrictive space – in fact, you’ll have nothing over your head or too close your body. This approach offers a reassuring level of patient comfort and freedom. And our technology is first-class, creating the very best images to help your doctor diagnose any potential issues.

Ask your doctor to refer you to one of our UME Diagnostics Open MRI centres (Harley Street in London, Hendon, Swindon or Cardiff) and we’ll look after you every step of the way.

Looking After You

Our staff are specially trained to make sure your visit to UME Diagnostics is as comfortable as possible. From when you arrive to the completion of your Open MRI scan, we’ll be with you all the way to explain everything and reassure you.

The Open MRI Specialists

With specialist Open MRI centres in London (Harley St and Hendon), Swindon and Cardiff we can offer flexible appointments and help you get the scan you need quickly, with the minimum trouble and maximum comfort.

Further Information for you and your Clinician

Our goal is to provide the diagnostics you need and the comfort your patients deserve.

UME Diagnostics offer four open MRI scanners at centres around the country. Our Harley Street Centre has the Philips 1.0T Panorama, giving high field image quality equivalent to that of a conventional 1.5T cylindrical MRI scanner system.

We’ve also invested in updating all our open MRI scanners with the latest imaging software to create the best quality and detailed images for our radiographers. The integrated coil system used by each open MRI scanner reduces the need for surface coils, often needed to scan certain parts of a patient’s body. In contrast to a traditional cylindrical MRI, this configuration makes extremity scanning much easier.

Offering reporting within 24-48 hours and appointments built around the realities of your working diary.

What our clients have to say…

"The service I received was more than exceptional. Being of larger frame, comments have been made in other places. Here I was treated with dignity at all times. Thank you "

"Thank you, I would very happily come to see you again "

"The whole process was very good, I even went to sleep during my scan "

"Thank you for your patience and kindness Wednesday afternoon when I had my MRI. It was much appreciated "