Ask anyone who has had ear, nose or throat conditions and they’ll tell you how painful and utterly distracting they can be.  Using the latest imaging equipment, our specialists can reach their diagnosis quickly and accurately before suggesting a treatment plan just for you.

Our end-to-end clinic helps patients will all manner of issues affecting the ear, nose and throat. The expert team will diagnose and treat head and neck conditions, ear disease, balance problems, sleep disorders, allergies and sinusitis.

We pride ourselves on our special one-to-one patient care. That’s why throughout the day – along with our leading clinicians – there will be a specialist nurse dedicated to your comfort.

Our ENT Clinics

General ENT clinics

  • Issues affecting the ear, nose and throat
  • Head and neck conditions
  • Ear disease
  • Balance problems
  • Sinusitis
  • Allergy
  • Neurolaryngology

Snoring & Sleep Clinic

Patients will receive a full assessment and investigation into the causes of interrupted sleep or snoring, including looking at their medical history and general health. A thorough examination of the ears, nose and throat is also done and, in some cases, a device is taken home with the patients for further monitoring.
  • Full assessment and investigation into the causes of interrupted sleep or snoring
  • Examination of the ears, nose and throat
  • Mandibular advancement

Allergy Clinic

Through a series of tests our team can diagnose and treat many conditions. These include hay fever, eczema, asthma, various skin allergies and food intolerances.

Voice and Speech Clinic

Our specialist consultants provide many management options for voice disorders. Their expertise includes the latest technology in voice, airway, and swallowing disorders.
  • Voice disorders
  • Hoarseness
  • Lost voice
  • Discomfort on speaking
  • Vocal fold nodules or cysts
  • Vocal cord paresis
  • Disorders of the professional voice (eg singers, actors, barristers)
  • Neurologically-related voice disorders

What our clients have to say…

"The service I received was more than exceptional. Being of larger frame, comments have been made in other places. Here I was treated with dignity at all times. Thank you "

"Thank you, I would very happily come to see you again "

"The whole process was very good, I even went to sleep during my scan "

"Thank you for your patience and kindness Wednesday afternoon when I had my MRI. It was much appreciated "